Resolving Community Association Disputes

Your home is your castle. This is the thinking of many a homeowner. But when that castle is one of many such castles governed by an association, that statement is not altogether true. Homeowners and condominium associations are established to represent the interests of an entire community not just an individual.

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Working With Condo And Homeowner Associations

Both homeowners and condominium associations are subject to similar laws, even if they are handled differently. Most associations are incorporated and face similar issues. We work with a number of such associations in the creation and enforcement of resident and community guidelines. Contact us if you have questions about enforcing association bylaws regarding:

  • Common areas
  • Building exteriors
  • Architectural Guidelines
  • Grounds work and landscaping
  • Paving upkeep
  • Snow removal
  • Fencing

It is important to know that the courts do not generally look favorably upon having to settle disputes between associations and their members. Our firm works with associations to settle disputed matters and avoid the necessity of going to court.

The Knowledge Of Business And Real Estate Law You Need

Because they are incorporated, associations are related to both business law and real estate law. In addressing matters for homeowners associations or condominium associations, we utilize our understanding of the Maryland Condominium Act, the Homeowners Association Act, real estate law and applicable corporate law. We assist with assessment collections and help association boards grapple with issues regarding the interpretation and enforcement of the terms and provisions of their declarations, bylaws and other governing documents.

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