Talk To An Estate Planning Lawyer

Certain life-changing events can sometimes trigger a need to create a new will or revisit an existing one. You may have just become engaged or just been married. You may have had your first child. You are planning to go overseas without the children. You’re getting a divorce. Or maybe you simply have put it off long enough and decided it was time to act.

We’ll Handle The Paperwork For You

At the Law Offices of Dwight W. Clark, LLC, attorney Dwight Clark applies his skill, insight and personable nature to help you plan for the future. In looking at wills, trusts, healthcare directives and powers of attorney, we help you create an estate plan that:

  • Allows for the orderly distribution of your assets to family members
  • Provides income for family members
  • Provides for the disposition of your business
  • The ability to distribute your estate without going through probate
  • Reduces the adverse consequences of federal and/or state taxes
  • Provides for children with special needs through guardianships
  • Provides a strategy for the management of your assets and financial affairs if you become disabled or need to travel away from home
  • Appoints a healthcare agent who will be available to make decisions regarding your medical care and/or the use of life-sustaining measures when you are incapable of doing so
  • Gives you peace of mind

Providing Estate Administration Services

Attorney Dwight Clark works with administrators and personal representatives of estates to remove the burden from families after the loss of a loved one. We gather and complete estate planning documents. We also handle the process from start to finish — even in cases where there is no will or where there are will contests. Mr. Clark has led seminars and given talks on estate planning and administration. He possesses a comprehensive understanding of the legal aspects of providing for your heirs.

Contact the Law Office of Dwight W. Clark today to schedule an initial consultation. Get the legal assistance you need in the manner you deserve.