Step Parent Adoption In Maryland

Stepparent adoption is a component of family law that we really enjoy being a part of. When two people get married and make the decision to adopt their spouse’s children, we at the Law Office of Dwight W. Clark help make the process and transition run smoothly.

Because the hearing is generally held in the judge’s chambers, families take pride in the event. They dress up, perhaps take pictures, and the hearing is generally treated as a ceremony.

In the weeks leading up to this important date we work with you to make sure that everything is ready, collecting documentation for the adoption clerk, making sure all papers are in order, and ensuring that the uninvolved parent has given up all parental rights and responsibilities. In cases where the parent is deceased or cannot be located, we draft needed affidavits or publication notices to convince the court of the parent’s lack of involvement.

We want this day to be special for you and your family so we lay the groundwork for a seamless transition.

Assisting With Guardianships To Care For Loved Ones

When the parents of a child in your extended family have died and you wish to take responsibility of ensuring that your niece, nephew or grandchild will be cared for emotionally and financially, you may wish to step into the role of guardian. Sometimes a parent’s substance abuse or mental health issues preclude them from adequately parenting their children and you want to do something about it.

We help those who wish to be guardians take the steps necessary to take on this responsibility. We examine your assets, as well as those of the estate left to the children after their parents have died, to ensure that your wards are adequately cared for.

In addition, our firm assists families that wish to act as guardians to elder relatives who cannot make medical or financial decisions on their own anymore.

Talk To A Lawyer Today About Your Options

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