Parental Relocation And Your Rights

The struggle to finalize child custody disputes is not over when the final divorce papers are signed. Life continues to demand changes to those agreements. If you or your spouse is relocating after your divorce in Maryland, issues of child custody are impacted. It is important that you have a lawyer to assist you on modifying those agreements and court orders.

At the Law Offices of Dwight W. Clark, L.L.C., we know that post-divorce custody disputes are frustrating. We can help you and your family work out positive solutions to your custody issues. If you are currently living in Maryland and are considering moving after your divorce, please contact our experienced lawyer at 410-505-8680 or 888-523-6081.

Building The Strongest Possible Case

Most courts reviewing your child custody agreement when you are moving following a divorce will look to see what is in the best interest of the child. However, if you are moving after your divorce because of a job or career change, courts will consider that information. Other information they may take into consideration includes:

  • How deep the child's ties are to his or her school and community
  • Whether or not the child has access to extended family in Maryland
  • The motives behind the relocation
  • How the move may benefit the child
  • Whether or not the move will make physical visitation very difficult or impossible

Because each case is unique, and the questions presented are inherently difficult, courts look at the individual situations in each case and try to determine what kind of custody arrangement will work best. We can discuss which options may work best regarding your child custody or visitation rights.

Sometimes, the court may grant one parent sole physical custody as a result of the other parent's inability to remain in the state. The court may also modify existing child support agreements and court orders. If you need to modify child custody or child support agreements, we will make sure that the new agreement takes into account your current situation.

Helping You Reach Positive Outcomes

If you are moving after your divorce and you have joint physical custody, you may need an attorney to advise you of your rights. Contact the Maryland divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Dwight W. Clark, L.L.C., for more information on how we can help you reach a positive child custody outcome. Call 410-505-8680 or 888-523-6081.