Property Division In Maryland

Many people believe that during a divorce, the division of property means a 50/50 division of all marital assets and debts. However, this is not necessarily true. An experienced divorce lawyer can help you work through various property division issues.

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Determining What Is Marital And Non-Marital

Not all property is considered marital property for the purposes of division during a divorce. The Marital Property Act defines what is and is not marital property.

This act can also help you determine who gets the house in a divorce.

When filing a joint marital property statement, parties each provide information that comprises three areas:

  • Property that both parties agree is marital property, such as a savings account
  • Any property both parties agree is not martial (inheritances and personal property acquired before the marriage, for example)
  • Disputed property, such as retirement funds or business assets

Maryland is an equitable property state. This means that the division of debts and assets needs to be fair, but not necessarily equal. Some parties may receive more than the other may when the final division is completed.

Maryland courts consider many factors when determining which party receives certain assets and debt gathered before and during the course of the marriage. We review these factors with our divorce clients to assist them in acquiring realistic expectations of the outcomes in their divorce.

Get Help Minimizing Your Three Largest Expenses

In any divorce, individuals have three expenses to consider: money, time and emotions. Our job at the Law Offices of Dwight W. Clark, L.L.C., is to help you minimize these costs. Our efficiency and skill will help you keep those expenses to a minimum.

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