Modifying A Court Order In Maryland

Even though you may have had agreements in place when your divorce became final, changes in circumstances may now warrant modification of your final divorce decree or order. You may have lost your job and are unable to pay child support, or your children may have different needs than they did at the beginning of divorce.

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A Change In Circumstances Could Mean New Obligations

When a parent experiences a substantial change in circumstances, modifications to a child support and visitation agreements may be necessary to maintain the children's standard of living.

Our lawyer, Dwight W. Clark, will keep your children's best interest in mind. He will ensure that the child support and child custody agreements reflect the needs of you and your children. Modifications may be appropriate in situations such as:

  • Losing a job
  • Obtaining new employment
  • Getting a pay raise
  • Receiving a pay cut
  • Changing your parenting time schedule
  • Failing to follow visitation agreements
  • Relocating to a new state
  • Significant or unexpected medical expenses
  • Changes in custodial parent's income

At our law firm, we also handle modifications to spousal support or alimony. In an initial meeting, our attorney will sit down and talk with you about your changes in circumstances. Whether you have cut back hours or your ex-spouse started a new, higher-paying job, we will work closely with you to make sure your modified agreement is fair and in the best interest of all.

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