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Children play an important role in divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2013 | Divorce |

Maryland couples going through a divorce know how stressful the process can be. Couples clearly want the best start to their new, single life, and things can certainly become hectic. Between the separation of assets, dealing with a soon-to-be ex spouse, and figuring out who will have custody of the children, it can get emotional for all parties involved — including the children. According to a Maryland psychologist, parents need to remember just how important their children’s feelings are throughout the divorce process.

Children are often forgotten in a divorce, but not on purpose. The process of a divorce is time consuming. Parents are constantly in the courtroom, and the child, depending on the age, will eventually have to choose who they want to live with. It is clear that children can suffer throughout these situations.

Specialists want to remind parents that the most important part of a divorce is making sure that their children are taken care of — emotionally and physically. It is recommended to never fight with the other parent when the child can see or hear. Badmouthing the absent parent should be avoided, too. Children should never hear anything bad said about a parent they love, by another parent they love.

Divorce is a hard time for every Maryland family. Getting through it in a way that allows both parties to have respect for each other in the end should be the ultimate goal when children are involved. Parents will have to be around each other at least until their children become legal adults, so being able to get along is beneficial for everyone involved.

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