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Maryland couples with lack of intimacy may consider separation

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2013 | Divorce |

It’s often taken for granted that every married couple living in Maryland will have intimate relations. However, this isn’t always the case. In some instances, husbands and wives are living without sexual contact, which can lead to thoughts of separation. Though separation isn’t inevitable for married people who aren’t having regular intimacy, it often is a harbinger, especially when combined with other signs of marital discontent.

For instance, if a couple isn’t having sex frequently or at all, and the two have chosen to sleep in different bedrooms, it’s usually an indicator that there’s trouble afoot. Unless their sleeping arrangements are for medical reasons, any married couple that prefers being alone to being together in a bedroom context are generally headed down a path leading to separation. Even if the separation isn’t “official,” if it’s deep enough on an emotional basis, it should be a concern.

Another red flag is husbands and wives who spend virtually no time together. If the only time they spend one-on-one is in doing household chores, and they have stopped taking time out to be alone on a “date night,” it’s necessary to delve into the reasons surrounding the desire for distance. Usually, this kind of behavior leads to another precursor of separation: The absence of talking to one another about important topics — which don’t include the temperature outside.

Again, a Maryland couple experiencing these signs isn’t destined to head down the path of separation. However, when a marriage starts to fall apart in the aforementioned ways, it cannot be ignored. Plus, if a separation seems to be in the future, both parties would be wise to get advice regarding their rights and responsibilities should they choose to pursue divorcing one another.

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