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A prenuptial agreement may be a valid option in case of divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2014 | Divorce |

Divorce is complicated, even for couples who agree to amicably work together. Many couples assume that they do not make enough money or have enough valuable assets to justify a prenuptial agreement. However, this legal agreement can be beneficial for any Maryland couple in case of a divorce, and it could benefit couples in all economic circumstances.

A prenuptial agreement will typically involve details involving how to divide property after a divorce. Traditionally, what belonged to each individual will be given back to that individual after a divorce. One typical source of contention is determining what will happen to assets and money that is accumulated over the course of a marriage.

For couples with high-value assets or a business, a prenuptial agreement is a valid way to protect all financial assets. For average couples, these agreements can make the divorce process smoother when dividing property such as vehicles, money, furniture and inherited property. These agreements can even outline details such as child custody, which spouse will get the pets and other important details. In fact, these agreements can include specific details that are deemed important to any Maryland couple.

Divorce is challenging, and even the most amicable of couples can face difficulty when dividing property and assets. Prenuptial agreements can be beneficial, even though no couple gets married planning on an eventual divorce. It may help to consider a legal agreement as a safety net in case the unthinkable happens in the marriage. These agreements should be carefully considered and drafted with the assistance of an attorney to ensure that they are legally binding.

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