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Advice for parents getting a divorce may help in Maryland

On Behalf of | May 14, 2014 | Divorce |

While most couples who decide to enter into a marriage expect the commitment to be lifelong, that is, unfortunately, not the case in nearly half of marriages today. Those couples who have decided that a divorce is the best option for their families may benefit from advice that was included in an online publication. Families in every state, including Maryland, may be able to apply some of the information to their own situations.

The subject of the article was how to help children get through their parents’ separation with little or, ideally, no emotional harm. While every family is different, there may be some aspects that apply to many divorce scenarios. Suggestions included the reminder to ensure that children are not exposed to any negative comments or derogatory remarks concerning the other parent or relatives of that parent. In addition, the writer stated that both households should establish similar expectations regarding school, chores and privileges.

While both parents undoubtedly love their children, the author stressed the need that children have to be told that they are loved repeatedly. One mental health professional offered that children may reason that if parents stop loving each other, then it may be possible for them to cease caring about them as well. Hence, the need for regular reassurance on the part of both parents appears clear. On the positive side, it was suggested that some parents may be more engaged in their child’s life once the tension of a troubled relationship has been resolved.

The fact is, that in spite of the best intentions, many marriages do not endure. The reason why a divorce is sought is as unique as the individuals involved and is most likely regarded as a last resort. Regardless of what may have led to the decision, families in Maryland do have resources that they can turn to for information in these emotionally challenging situations. Having the best information on hand when making life-changing decisions can ensure that both parents and their children are able to move forward knowing that they have arrived at the best resolutions for their unique family.

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