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Study finds possible link between divorce and blood pressure

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2014 | Divorce |

Many people may have periods of stress and resulting sleep disturbances at some point in their lives. Even when the suspected stress is a result of a positive event, it can take the body some time to adjust to the changes and emotional reactions. Divorce is apparently no different; it may take the partners some time to adjust to the new living arrangements. Couples in Maryland who are contemplating ending their marriage may seek to take proactive steps for their overall health.

A recent study was conducted that measured the effects of stress and sleep loss on blood pressure. Participants who had recently gone through a divorce or separation were chosen as subjects for the study. Individuals were brought in over a span of time, and their sleep habits and blood pressure readings were tabulated. The study was begun about four months after the change in the relationship and continued over the next seven months.

It was purportedly discovered that those whose sleep habits were slow to return to a normal pattern were more likely to suffer from higher blood pressures. Those who reported a problem for 10 weeks or less did not suffer from any lingering effects. Those who experienced sleep loss for four months or longer were more likely to experience a rise in their blood pressure readings.

The results of the study do not intend to implicate a divorce in the rise of blood pressures. It does suggest that those who are possibly having a harder time with emotional stress and sleep loss may wish to take steps to facilitate a return to healthier sleep patterns. It may prove to be beneficial for those couples in Maryland that are in the process of getting a divorce to have as much information as possible regarding the importance of good health both before, during and after a divorce or separation. Additionally, there are resources throughout the state that can provide more information and assistance to ensure a peaceful and fair dissolution of one’s marriage.

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