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Can couple say ‘I undo’ our divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2015 | Divorce |

When a couple decides to go through with a divorce and it is finalized, the thought that the couple might want to get back together someday might seem unlikely. But stranger things do happen in life — and in love. One out-of-state case involves a divorced couple who fought to undo their split.

Just as divorce laws vary from state to state, so do undoing-divorce laws. The couple in this case is from New Hampshire, where courts don’t undo legal divorces unless certain conditions are met, like fraud, for example. Maryland, however, has different laws regarding cancelling out divorces.

Speaking directly with a Maryland divorce lawyer is the best way to learn more about why and how a divorce can be undone in this state. Timing can play a role in whether a couple can rekindle their marriage without actually remarrying. 

But in the out-of-state couple’s case, the Supreme Court in their state ruled that the system has no legal authority or cause to grant the undoing of their divorce. Dissolving a marriage is a legal process; divorce is a legal status. Undoing the work of the system could be considered controversial because it makes the process that took place out to be a waste of time.

No matter where a couple lives and divorces, both individuals involved should fully understand that divorce is a serious, most often binding decision. It is within a couple’s freedoms to rekindle their relationship and remarry if they want, but they cannot always undo the divorce and can never undo the sometimes stressful, emotional process of the divorce they went through. Talking with a divorce attorney could be helpful in order to determine whether one is ready to formally end their marriage.