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Three tips to prepare for a custody evaluation

On Behalf of | May 19, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Custody and parenting time disputes can be very difficult. After all, they are commonly based on one parent’s desire to crush the other emotionally by threatening to cut them out of the child’s life. These proceedings are also difficult because of the possibility of a custody evaluator being appointed in order to make recommendations to the court. When this happens, parents are generally nervous about having their parenting skills critiqued by a complete stranger.

Indeed, dealing with a custody evaluator can be a scary experience. With that, we offer some helpful tips to so that you can be prepared.

Be honest – As we alluded to earlier, being evaluated as a parent can be scary, but giving honest answers during the interview is key, even if you have things in your life that could be red flags. After all, the evaluator (and the judge) must know that you are a trustworthy parent who is likely to follow a court order.

Focus on strengths not weaknesses – One of the key questions an evaluator will ask is how you and the other parent resolve problems involving the child. While you may have some deep resentment towards the other parent, or have concerns about their judgment, this is not the time to show how terrible a person the other parent is.

Take care of your home – This also may seem obvious, but making sure that your home is clean and free from hazards is an important part of the evaluation process.  

If you have additional concerns about the evaluation process, or how custody evaluators operate, an experienced family law attorney can help.