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3 ways social media can negatively affect the divorce process

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2016 | Divorce |

Facebook and Twitter have made it extremely easy for people to keep in contact with one another and share important events. However, not every moment needs to be shared with the world. This leads to a great deal of problems for people, especially those going through a divorce.

1. It can be used against you

Let’s say you say something negative about your ex. Then, she posts something negative about you to retaliate. All of her friends then chime in. Everything is in writing and may be brought up in court.

Another example is if you post a story about the children that you think was cute. However, your ex may interpret it another way and attempt to use it against you in a custody battle.

2. It makes a private matter public

You’re letting the world know you’re getting a divorce. Everyone is going to talk and spread the news. Ultimately, your friends will likely reach out to you, offering their support initially. However, this may backfire, as they may end up taking sides and may disclose information online that does not put you in a good light, which may later be used against you in your divorce case.

3. It can negatively affect the ultimate outcome

Let’s say you are a stay-at-home mom, and you make money on the side. You post about the job and word gets back to your ex. He has the ability to tell the judge you work, so he then has to pay you less money in alimony or child support.

Another prime example is if you flaunt money, vacation photos or other assets online, it can cause the soon-to-be ex to accuse you of having more than you claim, which can affect how the marital assets are ultimately divided.

For these and many other reasons, it is important to be mindful of your social media activities if you are contemplating a divorce. To ensure that your best interests are protected throughout the process, contact an experienced family law attorney. An attorney can work on your behalf to obtain the best possible outcome.