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A father may need to seek child support modification

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2017 | Child Support - Client Fulfilled |

As you go through the divorce process, it may become apparent that the court will require you to pay child support in the future. Once you know how much to pay and when your payment is due, you can do whatever it takes to stay on track.

Unfortunately, your life circumstances could change over time. For example, you could lose a job, become seriously ill or injured, or run into a variety of other financial concerns. If this happens, you may lose your ability to make payments in full.

In this case, it’s time to learn more about child support modification. It’s not good enough to simply pay what you can afford. Instead, you need to request a formal modification that the court can then approve.

These tips will help you request a modification:

  • Don’t delay. Once you realize that you can no longer make your child support payment in full, it’s time to look into the modification process.
  • Learn more about your situation. This includes the laws in your state, why you’re unable to make payment in full, and how to convey your situation to the court.
  • Speak with the other parent. If you’re open and honest about your circumstances, speaking with your ex-wife may be the best thing you can do. This gives you the opportunity to work out a modification without input from the court.
  • Keep up to the best of your ability. Although you may not be able to make payments in full, don’t fall too far behind. Remember this: Your existing payment is in effect until the court notifies you otherwise.
  • Make note of why you’re unable to pay. For example, if you’ve become ill, document all your doctor appointments and medical payments.

There is nothing wrong with paying child support. In fact, you take great pride in doing this as it allows you to support your child, even though you’ve gone through divorce.

However, if you’re unable to make full payments in the future, it’s a good idea to learn more about requesting a child support modification. This may be a detailed process, but it can help improve your financial situation as you attempt to deal with a serious life-changing circumstance.