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Speeding tickets: Common and costly

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2017 | Blog |

As a parent and someone who works outside the home, you spent a lot of your time on the roads. Whether it’s running your kids to an after-school event or driving to work in the morning, you’re exposed to the highway and residential streets all the time.

Recently, you received a speeding ticket when you were rushing to get to your child’s school on time. You know that speeding tickets aren’t that big of a deal, but you want to make sure that it won’t affect you in any long-term ways you haven’t thought of. What should you know about speeding tickets?

Speeding tickets are common

Speeding isn’t unusual, but it is dangerous. As a result, around one in 10 drivers in America have reported being stopped for speeding each year. Not all of these individuals get speeding tickets, but around 70 percent do, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Although they are common, speeding tickets can be costly. If you’re going just 15 mph over the limit, you could be looking at fines that exceed $100. If you have had multiple violations, then the penalties will grow and you could have your license suspended.

What should you do if you face a speeding ticket?

You have the right to attend the hearing and defend yourself. You might be able to set up a settlement conference for a less-serious penalty, or you may need to go to the court date listed on your ticket. Sometimes, officers don’t have time to go to court that day. If that happens, the court may dismiss your ticket completely. If the officer does show up, you will need to defend your case. You may bring your own witness to help you defend yourself.

These are just a few things to keep in mind about your speeding ticket. Slow down and stay safe!