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You must understand the goals of divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2017 | Blog |

It is a common misconception that litigation is the only way to put your divorce in the past.

While you may find yourself in court at some point, it’s best to first consider all other options. This starts with mediation.

Mediation gives you and your soon to be ex-spouse the ability to work through the finer details of your divorce, all without a family law judge getting in the way. Instead, a third party mediator is in place to push the process forward and help both sides reach a resolution on key details.

Before you do anything, you should become familiar with the goals of divorce mediation. These include:

  • To avoid the time and expense that is often associated with divorce litigation
  • To minimize bad feelings against one another, which is important in the event that you will have to communicate in the future (such as to raise a child)
  • To create a mutually acceptable agreement

Everyone has their own reason for wanting to give divorce mediation a try, and you shouldn’t be any different.

For example, you may realize that this is the best way to push the process forward in a timely manner, all the while saving money.

As you move into the divorce mediation process, make sure you know which details you need to work through. You will have the opportunity to bring all of these to light during the first mediation session.

Once you know the goals of divorce mediation, it’s much easier to feel confident in the process and where things will end up.

There are times when divorce mediation doesn’t work. As a result, the couple ends up in court. Even so, this is no reason to overlook the benefits. There’s a good chance that mediation is the best way to work through your differences and finally put your relationship in the past.