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When considering divorce, weigh the positives of being single

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2020 | Divorce |

For Maryland couples considering divorce, the future can sometimes look intimidating. The dramatic life changes that accompany the end of a marriage are undoubtedly complicated. However, certain benefits go along with making a fresh start.

Thinking about the positive aspects of being single can be helpful during the divorce process. Since divorce is emotionally draining, it is wise to be cautious before jumping into a new relationship because the aftermath of a divorce may continue to have an impact. Instead of a “we” situation, a divorced person’s new life is a “me” situation. This changed focus can be used to reconnect with friends and family, travel, learn and experience enjoyable endeavors. Meeting new people might be exciting, and dating is an aspect of one’s newfound freedom.

Being newly divorced is frequently seen as liberating. Taking that time to simply partake in fun activities that one’s former spouse might have disapproved of or not wanted to take part in can create a good frame of mind. Since the marriage ended, it is likely the previous few months or years were unhappy. This can be challenging emotionally and physically. Taking a deep breath is healthy.

People who have gotten divorced tend to remarry quickly. Statistically, the remarriage rate is within four years. That indicates a strong ability to recover and move on. Obviously, before putting these strategies into action to have a happier life, the divorce must come first. Many factors are critical in a divorce, including alimony, child support, child custody, visitation rights and property division. Perhaps the case can be negotiated to bypass the need to go to court, or it might be necessary to have a judge decide. For advice and assistance with a divorce, a legal firm experienced in family law may be able to help.