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Child Custody in Columbia, MD

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2020 | Child Custody |

When a couple makes the difficult decision to file for a divorce, there is a litany of things that have to be agreed upon. If there are children involved in the divorce, nothing matters more than ensuring the safety and happiness of those children who are experiencing a complete change to their way of life. There are steps that can be taken to alter a child custody agreement in Columbia, Maryland if certain criteria are met.

While there are circumstances that warrant a change in a custody agreement, there are some common issues that may arise that are not grounds for making a change in either parent’s visitation rights. The safety and well being of the children involved in the divorce is paramount, but other common factors shouldn’t be considered when making changes to visitation agreements.

It’s common for parents to want to make a change to the custody agreement based on complaints about their ex. Obviously the partners have some deep-seated disagreements which is why they made the decision to divorce. However, those areas of disagreement are not grounds to make a change to the visitation agreement that is in place.

It’s also common for parents to try to make a change to a visitation agreement based on the child’s reaction to visitation. While parents should listen to their children and observe the way they behave during a visitation exchange, a child saying they “don’t want to go” isn’t actually a reason to change the terms of the agreement. This new way of life is a major change for the children, and some resistance is to be expected, but they don’t get to make the ultimate decision.

A client who is trying to navigate through a child custody agreement is encouraged to speak to a lawyer that is familiar with the child custody laws in their state. This attorney can work with their client to ensure that they are still present in their child’s life while still ensuring that the child is having his or her needs met.