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Does divorce require a confidentiality agreement?

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2020 | Divorce |

For many people, divorce certainly does not require a confidentiality agreement. They understand that the divorce case is a matter of public record, but that doesn’t mean random people are usually looking into the details. This is typically just something considered by celebrities. If your divorce is going to make headlines, you may want to protect more of your personal information than usual. 

That said, even for those who aren’t celebrities, a confidentiality agreement may help. It can keep your private information a secret when doing so seems prudent. 

For instance, maybe you’re a business owner. That business is your largest asset, it is the source of all of your income and it is also the destination for a lot of your personal earnings, as you turn around and invest your own money back into your company. Your divorce centers around dividing your assets with your ex, so all of this information is important and the court may need a lot of details and paperwork. 

That said, you don’t necessarily want those details to get out into the public. You don’t want your ex to tell the competition how much you’re earning, what it costs to do so, what margins you use, how much you pay in taxes or how much money you have borrowed from other investors. That information could harm your business or give an edge to the competition. This is when a legal agreement can keep the information secret, protecting your company and helping it thrive in the wake of your divorce. 

If you have a complex divorce situation like this, be sure you carefully consider all of your options. An experienced advocate can help you take a strategic approach to your divorce.