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Your digital property and accounts when getting a divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2020 | Divorce |

Dividing property is one of the most contentious yet important parts of ending a marriage. In most cases, spouses have trouble reaching a fair property agreement during a divorce. When couples fail to agree, the court may step in and make decisions on behalf of the spouses.

If you are like most people in the Columbia, MD, region, you have made lists of all the property you share with your spouse. Typical examples include real estate, bank accounts, furniture and cars. What you may not have considered when you began your divorce is what to do about your digital property.

Examples of digital accounts and property

  • Entertainment accounts like Netflix and Apple Music
  • Online banking accounts
  • Photo sharing services like Snapfish
  • Gaming accounts like Xbox or PlayStation
  • Purchased digital media like films, eBooks and music

While these issues might not seem to matter much in the end, failure to resolve online accounts could lead to conflict. During our years serving Maryland families, we have seen even small property issues escalate into full-blown battles. Such battles can delay your divorce, cost you money and complicate your efforts to reach a fair settlement.

We recommend dealing with your digital property early on in your divorce preparations. For example, the accounts that you paid for and that are in your name need a change of password right away. Removing your spouse’s access can show the court that these digital accounts belong to you. It can also prevent a vindictive spouse from incurring extra charges on your credit cards.

A good rule when managing your digital accounts is to ask an attorney for guidance regarding the court’s approach to dividing online property. You can also learn about divorce and property division in general by exploring more of our website.