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Blended families often lead to serious probate challenges

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2021 | Estate Planning |

Estate administration can bring out the worst in people. If someone expects to receive more than their loved one wanted to leave them, they might take out their frustrations on their siblings or other family members.

Even the strongest family units can crumble under the pressure of a large inheritance, but blended families are at more risk than others for challenges in probate court and other estate complications. Why does remarrying when you have children make estate administration more difficult?

Why probate conflicts in blended families are common

When you remarry, that can bring up a lot of different emotions for your children. For example, if your new spouse was an affair partner who contributed to the end of your marriage, your children may resent them. If you remarry later in life and your spouse is much younger, your children might perceive them as a gold digger and treat them poorly.

That strained relationship can mean that your spouse then isn’t generous about sharing assets with your children after you die. There have been many famous probate cases where children and the second spouses of a deceased parent get into bitter battles over who gets what from the estate.

Careful planning can stave off the worst challenges

Nothing you do can prevent 100% of the complications associated with estate administration, but careful planning can go a long way. If you have a blended family, you may want to create a trust or you may choose to give your children part of their inheritance early.

There are many approaches that could work. Looking carefully at your assets and your family relationships can help you develop an estate plan that will uphold your legacy and protect the people you love.