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Ensuring that a will is valid in Maryland

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2022 | Estate Planning |

Preparing an estate plan is an important step that all individuals should consider. There are numerous steps in this process, with a will being one of the most fundamental aspects.

When drafting a will, it’s important to stay within the confines of the law. Irregular activity or any failure to adhere to legal regulations could make a will invalid. This could result in complications further down the line, such as challenges to the estate.

Outlined below are a few things to consider so that your will remains valid in Maryland.

Legal competency

While estate plans can benefit both younger people and the elderly, there are some age restraints. Individuals must be 18 or over in Maryland before they can draft a will. A will must also be drafted voluntarily, without undue influence or manipulation. The terms expressed must be the testator’s true wishes and they must fully understand the contents of the document.

To ensure that this happens, the state of Maryland requires two credible witnesses to oversee the process and provide signatures. While some states allow oral wills, there is no allowance for this in the state of Maryland. All wills must be drafted in writing.

Having appropriate guidance

It is lawful to draft your own will in Maryland, but this comes with a number of risks. Generic online wills may not be specific to the law of the state, and they might also not include all of the terms that really matter to you.

When drafting a will, it’s advisable to seek some legal guidance. This can help ensure that your final wishes come to fruition and that there are no challenges to your estate once you are gone.