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Are online will templates safe to use?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Estate Planning |

The development of the internet has provided almost untapped access to a variety of subjects, including in the legal field. There is an online alternative for almost every activity that would have previously been done in person. Shopping, studies, banking and communication are all now carried out largely online. Through the use of online will templates, estate planning has also been made much more accessible. 

However, just because online templates are available that doesn’t mean they are effective or accurate. Why are online wills so problematic? 

Non-specific language 

Sites that advertise online will templates typically claim they can meet all of your needs, but is this really the case? The truth is that there is no way for a website to truly get a sense of your specific situation and your needs. This means that vital information could be left out of your will. Is this really something you want to take a chance with when it comes to the inheritance of your loved ones? 

There are also some questions to ask in terms of legal validity. Every state has nuanced laws when it comes to drafting wills. Will a generic online template meet the requirements in order to be deemed valid? If not, you risk contests to your will once you pass, which could mean that there are significant delays in inheritance being distributed. In the end, it could even mean that your final wishes are not honored at all. 

Estate planning is important and the safest way to tackle it is to have sound legal guidance behind you. This will help ensure that everything goes to plan the first time of asking.