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Posts tagged "child custody"

3 things to do if you want to relocate with your child

Parental relocation is a difficult subject when it involves taking a child a distance away from his other parent. Your ex may not be happy to hear that you want to move, even though it means you'll have a better job to provide for your child. The fact is, if your ex wants to put up a fight, he can. He can push to keep you in the area or state, so you can't put too much of a distance between him and your child. There are a few things you can do to help make sure the court rules in your favor, though. 

For children, separation stress is impossible to avoid

Experts warn that children get stress from a pair of primary sources after a divorce. The first is the stress of constantly moving back and forth. It is best for the child to stay involved with both parents, but that does mean moving from one house to the other constantly. The second stressor is the separation from a parent that the child loves.

4 things to know about child support

Now that you and your child's father have split up, you have to think about how you are going to support yourself and the baby. One thing that you can do is to seek child support from him. This could help you to get the monetary support you need. It might also provide your child with medical care if your ex is required to carry your child on his insurance. There are a few points that you should know if you are going to seek child support.

I can't make my child support payments! What do I do?

Maybe you've had a life circumstance change that you didn't anticipate -- the loss of a job, or unexpected expenses that have taken a huge bite out of your income. Maybe you agreed to a child support order that was too aggressive to begin with and now you are seeing that it is simply not possible for you to meet all of that obligation on your current income.

Could 'free-range' parents lose custody of their children?

When the subject of child custody comes up in conversation, some assume that divorce or separation is a factor. While this can and often is the case, it's worth pointing out that the topic of child custody can come about when talking about other family law issues as well. This has become more apparent this month for Marylanders and people across the country because of a case out of Silver Spring that is grabbing national attention.

Protect the interests of your children after a divorce

Although divorce is difficult for all parties, it is possible for parents to establish a plan that protects the best interests of any children involved. It may be difficult to share parenting after a divorce, but parents have the opportunity to be consistent and loving, even if they do not get along with their ex-spouse. The needs of the children should come first, and any parenting plan submitted to a family court for approval should reflect this. 

How parenting time is established after divorce

When Maryland couples divorce, parenting time is usually one of the main concerns and custody goals of both parents. Every parent wants to have sufficient parenting time and to remain a prominent part of his or her child's life. In a divorce, one of the main roles of the family court is to establish a custody arrangement that is practical and protects the best interests of any minor children. 

Protect yourself during a time of separation

A legal separation may be the optimal choice for some Maryland couples, whether they are considering divorce or would like to begin the process of dividing finances. No matter the reason for a separation, it is in the best interests of all parties to have a formal separation agreement drafted with the help of a knowledgeable attorney. This agreement can help spouses make important decisions, as well as lay the groundwork for an uncontested divorce in the future.