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Posts tagged "divorce proceedings"

3 ways social media can negatively affect the divorce process

Facebook and Twitter have made it extremely easy for people to keep in contact with one another and share important events. However, not every moment needs to be shared with the world. This leads to a great deal of problems for people, especially those going through a divorce.

Considering divorce? Try to avoid these major financial mistakes.

One of the most unpleasant and unavoidable aspects of a divorce is the separation of finances and asset division. When considering divorce, Maryland couples can avoid certain financial mistakes by having experienced legal assistance and making smart, carefully considered decisions. Divorce settlements will impact an individual for years to come, making it particularly important to proceed carefully during negotiations or litigation.

Opening lines of communication turns lemons into lemonade

If you ask anyone in Maryland what they expect to happen after saying "I do," most people will not say that they expect to get a divorce. Despite the recent statistics suggesting that up to 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce, many people in the state have an optimistic disposition about marriage and think that they will be the couple that overcomes the odds.