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Posts tagged "parenting time"

How parenting time is established after divorce

When Maryland couples divorce, parenting time is usually one of the main concerns and custody goals of both parents. Every parent wants to have sufficient parenting time and to remain a prominent part of his or her child's life. In a divorce, one of the main roles of the family court is to establish a custody arrangement that is practical and protects the best interests of any minor children. 

More fathers are fighting for equal parenting time with children

When a relationship ends, it is often assumed that the mother will be the one to retain physical custody of the children. However, recently, more fathers are fighting to have equal parenting time with their children. Fathers in Maryland -- and elsewhere -- may hope to swing the tide from mostly maternal care to a more equitable distribution of custody.

New law allows judges to consider shared physical custody

Anyone in Maryland who has kept an eye on the news of late may recall that some states are considering changing current custody laws. The concept of shared physical custody is gaining ground in many jurisdictions as the definition of "family" changes. Recently, one state's senators voted to change its law to allow judges to consider an equal split of parenting time.

Parenting time can be made easier for Maryland parents

Maryland parents that are facing a situation in which they will have to figure out a way to co parent with their ex spouse or partner can feel overwhelmed. Determining rules and limitations during each parent's parenting time can be a challenge. A recent article offered a few tips for those trying to make the best of their parenting time.