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Posts tagged "separation"

For children, separation stress is impossible to avoid

Experts warn that children get stress from a pair of primary sources after a divorce. The first is the stress of constantly moving back and forth. It is best for the child to stay involved with both parents, but that does mean moving from one house to the other constantly. The second stressor is the separation from a parent that the child loves.

If I get a legal separation in Maryland, will my prenup trigger?

If you read our May 28 post entitled, "What can I expect in a Maryland divorce?" then you know that couples in our state who cannot establish grounds for the dissolution of their marriage must remain separated for 12 consecutive months before filing for divorce. During this period of separation, couples can decide things like how to separate marital property and even custody arrangements. But as some of our Columbia readers know, not every separation leads to divorce.

What options do Maryland couples have besides divorce?

Most people think that when couples have experienced a considerable amount of marital problems that the logical next step is to file for divorce. Though this may be true for some, this isn't always the first thought for all couples. In some cases, a couple may hesitate to file for divorce because of personal or religious convictions. In other cases, a couple may try to postpone filing for divorce because they have the hope that they can work through their marital problems without having to resort to dissolving their marriage.

What can I expect in a Maryland divorce?

Because each state has the right to draft its own laws for family law issues, couples moving to Maryland from another state cannot expect that what applied in one state will apply here. Everything from divorce to child custody may be different from state to state, leaving most people less knowledgeable when it comes time to go to court than they thought.

Protect yourself during a time of separation

A legal separation may be the optimal choice for some Maryland couples, whether they are considering divorce or would like to begin the process of dividing finances. No matter the reason for a separation, it is in the best interests of all parties to have a formal separation agreement drafted with the help of a knowledgeable attorney. This agreement can help spouses make important decisions, as well as lay the groundwork for an uncontested divorce in the future.