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Why you need an attorney for Maryland DUI charges

Getting arrested for a driving under the influence (DUI) charge can be stressful and embarrassing. Sometimes, a DUI charge stems from a mistake, such as leaving an office party after a few drinks. Other times, it could be the result of a medical condition or even a problem with how a breath test was administered. It is common for people to face DUI charges in Maryland when they weren't actually impaired at the wheel. Regardless of your personal situation, your best chance for a positive outcome is directly tied to working with an attorney who can help create a strong DUI defense.

Alimony might be part of your divorce decree

Divorce is never easy. It comes with emotional and financial turmoil. You will have to face various issues such as figuring out the best co-parenting plan for your children, dividing your marital property, and finding a way to support yourself now that you will no longer have your husband's income. Facing the reality of your new financial situation can cause a great deal of stress.