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Posts tagged "Adoption"

Man sentenced for trying to steal adoption dreams from couples

Those who serve as foster parents are a lifeline for the children they take into their hearts and homes. Many of these parents choose to make the connection they share with these children permanent through legal adoption. There are many of these families located throughout Maryland.

Young man finds permanent place after adoption at age 19

Every child longs to feel secure and loved, no matter the circumstances he or she is currently facing. For children in the foster care system, the most ardent wish of most is to have a family choose them through adoption. There are many families living in Maryland that may also be seeking to bring a child into their homes.

Adoption may be the most important decision ever made

Families come in many shapes and sizes, especially in today's world with the ever-changing definition of what makes a family. Now, for as many reasons as there are children, adoption may now be in your future plans. Whether you live in Maryland or anywhere else, the prospect of taking on lifetime responsibility for a child can feel like a daunting task and an overwhelming process.

Grandparent adoption has greatly increased in recent years

Raising children requires massive amounts of time and energy, as well as emotional and monetary commitment. There may be many reasons why the current generation is experiencing hardship in raising their own offspring. This has led to increasing numbers of grandparents raising their grandchildren, both through adoption and otherwise. There may be many of these gray-headed households throughout Maryland.

Should laws do more to protect sibling relationships in adoption?

One of the longest relationships that people form is the one between siblings. The bond they share can have a lifelong influence on each other's life. When the relationship is disrupted through an adoption or other circumstances, the pain of the separation may last the rest of their lives. There may even be families in Maryland that have been affected by these situations.

Do Maryland children by adoption have an advantage?

Children who are adopted may sometimes believe that they are fortunate to have been chosen and to have an opportunity to experience all that a permanent family can offer. Some recent reports may now show that children who have joined a family through adoption may benefit in a surprising way as well. Maryland adoptive families or those who may be considering adoption could be interested in the newly published study.

Child custody battle in adoption case over, for now

While the adoption process itself can sometimes be incredibly frustrating, proceedings can become more difficult when the rights of biological parents are thrown into the mix. This was especially the case for the father of Baby Veronica, a story that has captured national attention as well as the attention of our blog readers here in Maryland.

Maryland couple reflects on fostering and adopting children

People have different reasons for why they choose to adopt.  Some do it because they canot have children of their own while others do it because they want to offer a loving family to a child that needs it.  For The Chaney family in Calvert County, they adopted their two children because they love kids.

Pushes for gay adoption prompts legislator to change his stance

When the debate surrounding the legalization of gay marriage began in Maryland, supporters of the new legislation knew that they would need to do a lot of convincing. First they needed to change the public's opinion. Then they needed to convince politicians. And when gay marriage was finally legalized this year, supporters knew that it was going to be the first steps towards true marriage equality.

Adding to your family by adopting children from China

When most people here in Maryland think of adoption, their minds more often than not steer towards images of Brad and Angelina Jolie. And if you ask most people here, they'll tell you that the fad of adopting children from other countries probably began with them too. But the truth of the matter is that adoptions from other countries have been going on for several decades now; and if you ask those families who have gone through the process, they will tell you that adding to their family in this manner is something they don't regret doing.