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Experienced Alimony Family Law Attorney in Columbia, MD

Alimony can be a contentious issue. One spouse may be wary of a drastic decrease in their quality of life after separation. Meanwhile, the other spouse may feel burdened by making payments they feel are too steep. At the Law Offices of Dwight W. Clark, L.L.C., we represent you to our fullest ability to protect your interests. Retain an experienced family law attorney in Columbia, MD, from our firm today to defend your rights.

We help you present the relevant facts and build a strong argument, increasing your chances for achieving an alimony agreement that works for you. As your lawyer in Columbia, MD, we’re committed to working tirelessly for your case until the matter is resolved. We’ll revisit it as necessary should your living situation change.

Request an alimony consultation today to learn what you should expect from the process and how our firm can help. A divorce lawyer in Columbia, MD, will meet with you to answer all of your questions and discuss how to move forward.

What Determines Who Receives What?

In some cases, there is a mutual agreement regarding spousal support that is created by a prenuptial agreement. However, most individuals seeking alimony payments from a spouse following divorce proceedings are looking to have it created by a court order. The court makes the decision whether or not an individual receives alimony and how much they receive. There are multiple factors that a court may take into consideration regarding this decision:

  • Whether or not the person seeking alimony can be self-supporting
  • If the person seeking alimony has the ability to obtain education to become self supporting
  • How long the marriage lasted
  • The standard of living each individual became used to in the marriage
  • What each person contributed to the well-being of the family
  • How old each person is
  • The circumstances that contributed to the divorce
  • Each person’s physical or mental condition
  • The financial needs and resources of each party

The court is required to use these factors, as well as any other factors it deems necessary in order to made a fair and equitable award of alimony. There is room for leeway and an experienced attorney knows how to petition the court to get the best result possible for his or her client. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Dwight W. Clark, LLC have the ability to give you the representation you need regarding your alimony case. Contact us online or call 888-523-6081.