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Keeping paternity a secret helps one celeb maintain private life

by | May 22, 2013 | Custody & Visitation |

Just like the rest of Hollywood, there are a lot of people here in Maryland who want to know who the father of ‘Mad Men’ star January Jones’ son is. But despite Hollywood being a rumor mill, Jones says she’s not talking anytime soon. “it’s not the public’s business,” she recently told reporters in an interview.

That’s not to say that she doesn’t know who the father is though. In fact, for a woman in her financial position, it’s to her benefit to know who her son’s father is–especially if talks of child support and child custody get thrown into the mix.  As Jones’ told reporters, the identity of her son’s father is privy to herself and her son when he’s able to understand what that means.

What’s interesting to point out is that Jones’ situation is not all that different from many single mother’s here in Maryland who want to make sure that their private lives stay that way. While many people here on the East Coast may not have paparazzi following our every move and reporters hanging on our every word, people more often than not still want to maintain some level of anonymity.

The important thing for single parents to remember is that knowing the paternity of your child is a very crucial piece when it comes to many areas of family law. As we mentioned above, paternity tests can help a judge determine whether a parent can file for custody and also whether a person should or shouldn’t pay child support. But as this particular celebrity has demonstrated, knowing the paternity of your child does not mean that the entire world has to know as well; just the people who matter in the end.

Source: The New York Daily News, “January Jones on son Xander’s paternity: ‘It’s not the public’s business’,” Margaret Eby, May 21, 2013