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October 2015 Archives

Getting legal representation can be a game changer when adopting

Adoption doesn't always have to mean you and your spouse are making the decision to take in a child who is not biologically related to you. Whether domestic or international, adoption comes in many forms, including situations in which a married individual may want to become more of a parental figure to their stepchildren.

Do I need a separation agreement in Maryland in order to divorce?

Navigating the legal system within the area of family law can be incredibly challenging, especially if you're not used to the nomenclature used in the law and are as confused by it as most other people. On top of confusingly worded laws, Marylanders have to contend with the fact that our laws are always subject to change.

Public or private adoption agencies: what's the difference?

Many couples in Maryland choose adoption as a way to grow their family. In some cases, it's because the couple is not able to have children of their own. For others, adoption is a great way to give a child in need a home. Whatever the reason, couples, as well as individuals, need to consider whether they will start the adoption process through a public or private agency. That's because, once the process has been started by signing a contract, adopters are prohibited by law to begin negotiations with another agency.