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October 2014 Archives

What are the visitation rights of grandparents in Maryland?

Families take many forms and undergo many changes throughout the course of a child's life. This in turn may lead to conflict among the child's parents and extended family members. One area that has garnered attention here in Maryland and elsewhere involves the rights of grandparents in connection to visitation. What are the current laws in relation to this matter?

Diamonds and stress could lead to higher divorce rate for some

"Diamonds are forever" and "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" are two of the best recognized ad campaigns ever launched. Unfortunately for many couples, a recent study seems to suggest that a bigger price tag for that engagement and wedding ring actually tends to lead to an eventual divorce. Obviously, there are more factors at play -- including financial stress -- that can lead to conflict. Given the suggested correlation between spending a lot of money for an engagement ring and/or a wedding, some Maryland couples may benefit by considering the protections that a prenuptial agreement may offer them in the event that marital issues do emerge down the road. 

Adoption may be the most important decision ever made

Families come in many shapes and sizes, especially in today's world with the ever-changing definition of what makes a family. Now, for as many reasons as there are children, adoption may now be in your future plans. Whether you live in Maryland or anywhere else, the prospect of taking on lifetime responsibility for a child can feel like a daunting task and an overwhelming process.