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June 2015 Archives

How society views fairness may not match how the law views it

Most people who are facing the prospect of divorce for the first time have an expectation that the law, which is supposed to be unbiased by its nature, will deliver a fair outcome. This expectation goes for everything, including which spouse will be required to pay alimony to how marital property will be divided.

What options do Maryland couples have besides divorce?

Most people think that when couples have experienced a considerable amount of marital problems that the logical next step is to file for divorce. Though this may be true for some, this isn't always the first thought for all couples. In some cases, a couple may hesitate to file for divorce because of personal or religious convictions. In other cases, a couple may try to postpone filing for divorce because they have the hope that they can work through their marital problems without having to resort to dissolving their marriage.