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May 2013 Archives

Saving Your Business From Divorce

Many of us work long and hard hours and invest every last penny we've saved to make our business a success, yet, when contemplating marriage, we are quite often blinded by love and fail to stop and ask ourselves, "If I bring my business interest into my marriage or, if I were to establish a new business with my own money after my marriage, will I be able to keep my business should the marriage fail?" Unless you take certain precautionary measures to protect your business from divorce, the answer to this question could be "No."

Keeping paternity a secret helps one celeb maintain private life

Just like the rest of Hollywood, there are a lot of people here in Maryland who want to know who the father of 'Mad Men' star January Jones' son is. But despite Hollywood being a rumor mill, Jones says she's not talking anytime soon. "it's not the public's business," she recently told reporters in an interview.

Taking a look at a blended family

Maryland couples who have children together know that divorce proceedings will be that much more difficult.  As we've mentioned in past posts, there are usually always the issues of child support and child custody that need to be worked out.  On top of that, there is always the issue of visitation which most divorcees will agree sometimes causes some unnecessary stresses along the way.

Pushes for gay adoption prompts legislator to change his stance

When the debate surrounding the legalization of gay marriage began in Maryland, supporters of the new legislation knew that they would need to do a lot of convincing. First they needed to change the public's opinion. Then they needed to convince politicians. And when gay marriage was finally legalized this year, supporters knew that it was going to be the first steps towards true marriage equality.