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July 2013 Archives

Co-parenting focus helps couples in rough divorces

Chances are, when you got married, you didn't expect that it would end in divorce. In fact, this is a common sentiment we hear from our readers on a frequent basis. That's because, for a large majority of people here in Maryland, it's hard to imagine the worst-case scenario when things seem to be so good. But when marriage complications rear their ugly heads, seeing that worst-case-scenario becomes a little easier to do.

Move over prenup, the postnup is here

There is hardly anyone in the United States who hasn't heard about a prenuptial agreement. These pre-marriage contracts have been gaining popularity for years as career-driven individuals brought more to a marriage than just love. And as many of our readers know, these handy legal documents became incredibly helpful during asset division proceedings, which can be a headache in and of their own.

Selling bad memories after a divorce

So you’ve managed to survive the initial divorce proceedings and are working your way to dividing your assets when you hit a snag. What do you do with all of those belongings that hold painful sentiments? Someone has to take them, but does that mean you have to keep them?