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April 2015 Archives

Are there any restrictions on who may adopt in Maryland?

If you've been following the news lately about the legalization of same-sex marriages in other states, you may have come across stories that have talked about the related legal issues the state's legislatures must also address such as divorce, child custody and adoptions. After reading these stories, one can't help but remember when our own state legislature faced the same challenging task.

Could 'free-range' parents lose custody of their children?

When the subject of child custody comes up in conversation, some assume that divorce or separation is a factor. While this can and often is the case, it's worth pointing out that the topic of child custody can come about when talking about other family law issues as well. This has become more apparent this month for Marylanders and people across the country because of a case out of Silver Spring that is grabbing national attention.

Issues with children can leave parents considering divorce

While the actions of one's children are virtually never the basis for a decision to divorce, the manner in which children come and go within the structure of a family can play a significant role in the happiness level of the parents. When children are born or reach adulthood, significant restructuring occurs within a family unit. For Maryland couples who are already experiencing a weakened marriage, this shift can leave some spouses considering divorce.