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July 2016 Archives

How can you protect yourself in a commercial lease?

Commercial leasing differs in significant ways from residential leasing. Many consumer protection laws apply only to residential leases. There are no standard forms for commercial leases; each commercial lease is drawn up according to the landlord's needs and wants. Additionally, it is very difficult to break or change a commercial lease. When discussing a commercial lease, there is usually much more room for flexibility and negotiation, since businesses often have special needs or requirements.

How do you tell your children that you are getting divorced?

Divorce isn't easy for anyone, but it's often said, "It's hardest on the children." And that's probably true. Children don't have the maturity or emotional skills needed to completely grasp and cope with this tremendous upheaval in their lives. Telling your children that you are getting divorced may be one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do. There is no easy or perfect way to do this, but these tips can provide a good start in helping everyone to turn the page to this new chapter in your family members' lives: