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April 2014 Archives

Do Maryland children by adoption have an advantage?

Children who are adopted may sometimes believe that they are fortunate to have been chosen and to have an opportunity to experience all that a permanent family can offer. Some recent reports may now show that children who have joined a family through adoption may benefit in a surprising way as well. Maryland adoptive families or those who may be considering adoption could be interested in the newly published study.

Filmmaker seeks to reduce custody dispute harm to children

One attorney turned screenwriter has a message he wants divorcing parents to receive when they are attempting to decide who should have primary care of their children. This man claims that he has seen the emotional harm that children can sustain while they are in the center of a custody dispute. The man is hoping that his new film may reach parents and other interested parties everywhere, including Maryland, before any lasting negative effects are felt by children of separating partners.

Country singer Trace Adkins singing his own sad divorce song

It has been reported that Country singer Trace Adkins may well be living a typical sad song. He suffered the loss of his father earlier this year and now his wife has filed for a divorce. The news has come shortly after he sought medical care for an alleged addiction problem. While he and his spouse do not reside in Maryland, the story may garner nationwide attention due to the singer's celebrity.