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May 2014 Archives

Jason Patric wins appeal in unusual custody dispute

Last Aug. 28, we reported on a child custody case involving Jason Patric ("How will future generations define a parent?"), who sought to have his rights to his artificially conceived child protected several months ago. The actor lost in his first attempt to be awarded the right to be with his son. After months of court battles, he has won his appeal in a hard-fought custody dispute for his son. As an earlier report suggested, this new decision could potentially affect the way parenthood is interpreted in cases throughout the country, including here in Maryland.

Advice for parents getting a divorce may help in Maryland

While most couples who decide to enter into a marriage expect the commitment to be lifelong, that is, unfortunately, not the case in nearly half of marriages today. Those couples who have decided that a divorce is the best option for their families may benefit from advice that was included in an online publication. Families in every state, including Maryland, may be able to apply some of the information to their own situations.