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October 2013 Archives

Children play an important role in divorce

Maryland couples going through a divorce know how stressful the process can be. Couples clearly want the best start to their new, single life, and things can certainly become hectic. Between the separation of assets, dealing with a soon-to-be ex spouse, and figuring out who will have custody of the children, it can get emotional for all parties involved -- including the children. According to a Maryland psychologist, parents need to remember just how important their children's feelings are throughout the divorce process.

Avoid financial devastation during a Maryland divorce

For many Maryland couples, concerns over finances top the list of priorities when a marriage seems to be heading toward divorce. Virtually everyone knows of a couple who experienced serious financial damage due to divorce, and some have already been through the process once and emerged worse for wear. It is important to keep in mind that spouses are not powerless when it comes to preventing divorce-related financial losses. The following tips can help couples minimize financial damage and preserve as much wealth as possible.

Parenting time can be made easier for Maryland parents

Maryland parents that are facing a situation in which they will have to figure out a way to co parent with their ex spouse or partner can feel overwhelmed. Determining rules and limitations during each parent's parenting time can be a challenge. A recent article offered a few tips for those trying to make the best of their parenting time.