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Positive co-parenting can improve the mental health of children

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2021 | Business Law |

Parents who are unhappy in marriage often stay together until their children reach early adulthood. Remaining married sounds like it protects kids from the psychological consequences associated with divorce. In some cases, unhappily married parents might be able to stay together without negatively affecting their children. In other cases, a divorce might be the best way to preserve a child’s mental health.

It is safe to assume that most children would prefer it if their parents stayed together. However, in toxic relationships, parents should seek a solution that meets the needs of everyone.

What do experts say about positive co-parenting?

A Psychology Today article suggests that divorce may help parents protect the mental health of children. For example, in many cases, divorced parents no longer expose their children to arguments or extreme conflict. In turn, this protects a child from stress and emotional anxiety.

Other ways positive co-parenting helps children after divorce

Keeping kids away from parental conflict is just one way a divorce can protect your children’s mental health. Divorce can actually benefit your children in certain ways because it:

  • Positively influences a child’s understanding of right and wrong.
  • Positively influences a child’s moral decision-making skills.
  • Positively influences the way a child will parent upon adulthood.
  • Positively influences the overall temperament of a child.

As we approach the end of our post, we want to remind our Columbia, MD, readers that careful consideration should always precede divorce. We feel this is also an appropriate time to remind you that experienced legal guidance can help you find solutions that further protect you and your children from mental health issues. You can find more divorce and child-related topics by continuing to review our website content.