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Is divorce a sure thing after your spouse commits adultery?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2021 | Divorce |

Divorces in Maryland happen for many reasons. Sometimes people just grow apart and no longer revel in each other’s company. Maybe they have parenting styles that clash. Fights about how to manage the household finances might be erupting way too frequently without ever getting resolved. The two of you don’t enjoy the same things anymore. One of you has a substance abuse problem or a gambling addiction that has not been dealt with effectively. 

Or perhaps no single reason for your relationship’s demise emerges. You just know that it has and it can’t be salvaged or patched up.

One of the most painful sources of marital discord and divorce is cheating with someone else. It causes such a searing feeling of disloyalty and disregard for your marriage vows, your moral values and the sanctity of your union. Finding out that the person you expected to share your life with forever has been secretly wooing another romantic partner can leave you emotionally battered, shocked and unsure of what to do.

Does your marriage still have a future?

Don’t automatically rush into a divorce. Think things over first as rationally as you can first. Keep these issues in mind:

  • Face the facts, even if it hurts. It’s the best way to assess the situation. 
  • Are both of you ready to fix your marriage or has one of you in effect left it already?
  • Did your spouse have a fling because there were big problems festering in your marriage?
  • Ask yourself if the trust between the two of you can ever be restored. It will take work, time and patience.

Knowing what you really want isn’t always easy

Only you can sort it all out. Once you have, if a divorce is the path you pick, make sure that you safeguard your best interests. In the meantime, it may be wise to look deeper into the issue of divorce so that you fully understand your rights and obligations.