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2 addictions that may lead to the end of marriages

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2023 | Divorce |

Addiction is a medical issue. Although research has come a long way in identifying why people develop addictions and how they can overcome them, there is no universal solution that allows every individual to effectively manage their struggles.

In fact, many of the most popular treatment programs for addiction have shockingly low success rates. Addiction can turn into a lifelong struggle for some people and is one of the many reasons that someone might file for divorce.

Substances and gambling

There are two kinds of addictions that frequently lead to divorce filings. There are certain kinds of addictions that will inevitably impact the lives of everyone around the person struggling. Addictions related to substance abuse are among the most challenging. They can cause financial hardship and can also lead to physical illness or death. Those dependent on a substance may become aggressive or even violent when they are under the influence or when they experience withdrawal.

In addition to an addiction to a substance, an addiction to gambling can be a big problem for a family. One spouse could burn through thousands of dollars or even use marital property as collateral when gambling. Gambling addiction is difficult to treat, and the lies it engenders often undermine the foundation of trust that is so important in the marital relationship, which is why gambling addiction has a strong association with divorce.

Addiction may not be the fault of the person who develops the addiction, but others may be unable to continue sharing their lives with such individuals because of the collateral damage their uncontrolled behaviors cause. Understanding that addiction frequently leads to divorce may help people give themselves grace if they feel compelled to leave a marriage because of their spouse’s unhealthy habits.