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3 ways money can cause a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2023 | Family Law |

People get divorced for many reasons, such as infidelity and communication difficulties. One of the many reasons people get divorced is because of financial issues. 

It may seem obvious that a marriage would not last if someone has a lot of debt or spends impulsively. But, marriages can also end because of the excess of wealth. Here’s what you should know:

1. Marrying for financial security

Sometimes, people marry for financial security, not love. This kind of marriage can have issues later on. For example, there may be less intimacy and commitment if someone is only in it for the money. The marriage may also lack internal cohesion and the strength to endure if there’s a change in the economic situation.

2. Gaining an inheritance or winning the lottery

Many people suddenly gain a large amount of money. This money could have been given by a family member who passed away or someone just won the lottery. An unexpected fortune can sometimes cause issues in marriages. A spouse may become jealous of the sudden fortune and feel they have a right to part of it. While many couples may share in the wealth, some don’t. A decision to keep the money may cause a spouse to become frustrated and seek divorce.

3. Earning a larger salary 

It’s more common today that both spouses work to support a household. Most spouses don’t earn the same as their partner does. While many people can’t control how much they earn, the fact that a spouse may earn more than the other could create issues. For example, a spouse may expect the other to contribute more to a household because they earn more. This decision can lead to mixed feelings. 

People who are wealthy and getting married may want to consider their legal options. For example, many people can make prenups and post-nups that allow them to secure their assets from a messy divorce.