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George Zimmerman and wife file for divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2013 | Divorce |

Many of our Maryland readers who followed the George Zimmerman trial know that it’s been a difficult couple of months for him and his wife. Forced to quit their jobs and go into hiding while jurors debated the second-degree murder conviction may have taken more of a toll on their marriage than they thought. This became evident when Shellie Zimmerman filed for divorce earlier this month.

Although the couple reportedly does not own a home and has no children, their situation has become complicated as of late with Shellie’s perjury conviction and allegations of domestic abuse against George. According to many sources, the couple’s finances are troubled, which could make for difficult property division down the road. Further complicating the matter is the defamation lawsuit George filed against NBC. If a settlement is reached, Shellie could be entitled to a portion of it.

As for the domestic violence accusation, this occurred because of an altercation between George and his wife while her father was present. Shellie was reported to have been moving things out when George approached. While she contends that the items belonged to her, George disagreed and an argument ensued. This could become a source of contention during their divorce because both sides will have to present evidence to support their claims of ownership to the belongings.

Though much of the drama surrounding this relationship is likely heightened because of media attention, many of our readers can empathize with the situation because they too have encountered similar situations. Divorces can range from simple splits to complex battles. Unfortunately for the Zimmermans, they face the scrutiny of the entire country while they try to come to a resolution of their own.

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