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Country singer Trace Adkins singing his own sad divorce song

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2014 | Divorce |

It has been reported that Country singer Trace Adkins may well be living a typical sad song. He suffered the loss of his father earlier this year and now his wife has filed for a divorce. The news has come shortly after he sought medical care for an alleged addiction problem. While he and his spouse do not reside in Maryland, the story may garner nationwide attention due to the singer’s celebrity.

According to his wife’s filing, she is asking that she be awarded sole custody of their three minor daughters. She is also reported to be seeking financial support and to be listed as the beneficiary of an insurance contract. The two were married for more than 15 years.

Mr. Adkins has not made any public statements regarding his wife’s decision to file for an end to the marriage. He reportedly sought treatment for addiction to alcohol shortly after the beginning of the year. However, the divorce documents do not list a specific reason for the dissolution of the marital relationship.

The singer is well-known for his typical country songs about family and relationships. He may now have personal experiences to draw from if he chooses to share this situation in his music. As residents of Maryland know, in spite of a couple’s best intentions, marriages can and do sometimes end in divorce. There are resources that can be helpful at these difficult times. Have information available may enable both parties to reach an agreement regarding the best resolutions for everyone involved when a marriage is deemed to be over.

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