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You must answer these child support modification questions

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2017 | Blog |

If you are required by the court to pay child support, you know just how important it is to stay current with your payments.

If at any point you realize that you are unable to make your payments in full, you need to learn more about your legal rights. There is no reason to believe that you have to struggle along, as you have the right to request a child support modification.

Note: You can request a child support modification, but it doesn’t mean that the court has to comply. You will need to meet its guidelines in order to receive an approval.

If you are considering a child support modification request, here are a few of the many questions you should address:

  • What does the process entail and which steps should you take to get started?
  • Does the court have to grant your child support modification request?
  • Is it possible to receive a modification as a result of a short-term emergency, such as one with your health?
  • Is there any way to modify a child support order without going to family court?
  • What’s the best way of knowing what your new payment will be?

While some of these questions are easy to address, most require that you do some digging around.

For instance, you may assume that you qualify for a child support modification, but unless you have enough data to backup your change in circumstances the court may turn you down.

They key to success is to collect as much information as possible in regard to your current financial situation and the things that have changed since your order was first put into effect. You need to prove to the court, without any doubt, that you are unable to pay your current level of child support.

When you answer these questions, while also learning more about the child support system and your legal rights, you can feel confident in your ability to receive a modification that will improve your situation.