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Posts tagged "emotions"

Considering divorce? Try to avoid these major financial mistakes.

One of the most unpleasant and unavoidable aspects of a divorce is the separation of finances and asset division. When considering divorce, Maryland couples can avoid certain financial mistakes by having experienced legal assistance and making smart, carefully considered decisions. Divorce settlements will impact an individual for years to come, making it particularly important to proceed carefully during negotiations or litigation.

Avoiding litigation when drafting a property settlement agreement

Litigation over a property settlement agreement during divorce can lengthen the process and increase stress for all parties involved. Many Maryland couples have the desire to resolve the divorce process as quickly as possible but are unsure how to navigate some of the more complicated issues. It is possible to arrive at a beneficial property settlement agreement, which is simpler when couples understand how emotions and psychological elements affect the divorce process. 

Diamonds and stress could lead to higher divorce rate for some

"Diamonds are forever" and "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" are two of the best recognized ad campaigns ever launched. Unfortunately for many couples, a recent study seems to suggest that a bigger price tag for that engagement and wedding ring actually tends to lead to an eventual divorce. Obviously, there are more factors at play -- including financial stress -- that can lead to conflict. Given the suggested correlation between spending a lot of money for an engagement ring and/or a wedding, some Maryland couples may benefit by considering the protections that a prenuptial agreement may offer them in the event that marital issues do emerge down the road. 

Maryland couples can now look forward to considering a divorce

Marriage can be full of happiness and good memories, and the general consensus of divorce is pretty much the opposite. But Maryland couples that are going through a separation or are considering a divorce can rest assured that there are positives to going through with it. Even if the divorce gets a little messy at first, the end result can be that each spouse will have the chance to change their lives.

Should divorcing parents argue in front of their kids?

Child psychologists and researchers for years have debated over whether it’s unhealthy for children to witness their parents fighting or whether it should be kept private. We’re sure it’s something residents here in Maryland have considered, especially if they are going through a particularly rough patch in their marriage or a divorce. So what seems to be the verdict on this topic?

Co-parenting focus helps couples in rough divorces

Chances are, when you got married, you didn't expect that it would end in divorce. In fact, this is a common sentiment we hear from our readers on a frequent basis. That's because, for a large majority of people here in Maryland, it's hard to imagine the worst-case scenario when things seem to be so good. But when marriage complications rear their ugly heads, seeing that worst-case-scenario becomes a little easier to do.